Prices of Gay erotic massage in Barcelona


2018 Rates and prices

Prices start from 120 €. You might choose a different menu depending on the duration (90, 120 or 60 minutes) and the erotic intensity you desire.

Increasing intensity

The massages offered are increasingly intense. Delikatessen is the most relaxing, and Balinese Pool is the most erotic. All the massage menus start with some relaxation to prepare and reunite your body and mind into the same wavelength.

Massage techniques

All of these menus include a wide range of techniques, mixed up in different proportions depending on the erotic intensity you desire:

  1. Feet reflexology and leg relaxation

  2. Buttocks relaxation and stimulation

  3. Perineal relaxation and stimulation

  4. Nuad-Thai using the masseur’s feet and legs

  5. Lower back and back relaxation

  6. Neck and shoulders sensual stimulation

  7. Body to body on your back

  8. Belly relaxation

  9. Breast and nipple stimulation

  10. “Lingam” massage

  11. Frontal body to body

  12. Arms, hands and fingers reflexology

  13. Head relaxation

  14. Sensitive skin relaxation

The blissful “lingam massage” —”lingam” means “penis”— is included in all of these menus. In all of these you can reach climax if you want to —the masseur will respect your choice.


How it works

Please check this page to find out what to expect during the best massage you will ever enjoy.

What is “lingam massage”?

Your regular masseur won’t take you there. Other Tantra masseurs in Spain only mention it, but won’t deliver the full Tantra erotic experience.




From relaxing
to extremely erotic

Each massage menu adds some extra techniques to the previous. The “Delikatessen” menu is the starting one, and is included in “Supreme”, which adds some extra techniques to the previous. This way, the “Balinese Pool” contains all the previous massages with the unique performance: enjoy it on a humid tatami, using warm water and scented oils. Something else!

120 € full 60 minutes

150 €

200 €

full 90 minutes

225 €

300 €


This starting menu contains a wide range of Tantra, Thai and oriental erotic techniques you will never find done by other erotic and tantric masseurs in Europe. It is a very lush experience, and this is just the start!

€ 120 — 60 minutes


Even more erotic than Delikatessen, this blissful massage includes the extremely delightful stimulation of your perineal area and also prostate massage with a more intense body to body.

€ 150 — 60 minutes


The most popular massage menu in Barcelona. This is an extreme sexually exciting massage. To enjoy it to the fullest you may try the 90 minutes session. The only massage Paco performs naked. You can touch him.

€ 200 — 60 minutes

€ 300 — 90 minutes

€ 400 — 2 hours

* Balinese pool

Due to obvious technical reasons, this massage cannot be performed at your hotel room.

This massage is unique in Spain and Europe. It needs to build a specific pool-like area and suite into the massage premises to allow the safe use of water on a big enough comfortable surface that also has to be waterproof.

Please ask for availability.

Is it sex?

Tantra massage does not involve any oral or anal sex. You will discover how powerful your orgasms can be avoiding what we call regular or domestic sex.

Happy ending?

After such an intense experience your body and mind need to “come back” to reality using a specific sweet and relaxing massage. The whole session is wonderful.

Hotel: same prices

Other masseurs charge additional fees when serving an outcall massage. Call it money for taxi, additional travel time from their homes or call it tips. Paco, Tyson and Matt never ask for extra money. The prices you see here are final.

Hotels can be served inside the city area of Barcelona and Madrid.

Masseur or escort?

Paco, Tyson and Matt are professional masseurs.

No escort knows about massage techniques.

One relevant difference is the time and the way a masseur uses his skills. Massage takes at least 60 minutes to be a professional and excellent service. An escort may “finish” you in 15 minutes.


24/7 from monday to sunday.


+34 676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering 9 AM to 12 PM

Hotel outcalls

24/7 from Monday to Sunday Please book before 11 PM

Studio Opening

Monday to Friday:

from 10 AM to 9 PM


from 11:30 AM to 7 PM


from 12 AM to 6 PM


Please call to ask for each masseur’s specific address.


Paco, Tyson and Matt are professional gay tantra erotic masseurs.

They have been trained to deliver a wonderful erotic bodywork.


Hygiene and health are their highest priority. You will instantly see that their skin, face and whole body are healthy and well taken care of.

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226