Give a Tantra massage in Barcelona


A brilliant idea!

Need to make an outstanding gift? A very original idea is giving a bonus for an erotic tantra massage. It is a present you can give to your partner or even pay together with your group of friends.

It is a totally unexpected gift for your friend and the kind the receiver will remember for years! Do something original!

Starting by the envelope

Please contact us if you need more information about payment methods or if you need to send by e-mail or print a special coupon in a classy paper envelope to give to the birthday-man.


Dozens of surprised birthday or anniversary lucky boys and men have underwent this experience. Still, it is a very original idea because of the fact it is unexpected by everybody. Group gifts make this idea easy and at a very reasonable price. Depending on the amount of friends sharing the payment it can mean a purchase of just 20 € each.


Humble and responsible Tantra

Paco sees his job with humbleness and responsibility. His massages deal with your intimacy, and the goal is your pleasure, your happiness, your peace and enjoyment.

Universal Tantra
and “role”

Never mind what is your “role” —top, bottom or versatile. There are no such roles in erotic massage, which is universal because the man is accepted just the way he is. Any kind of massage should aim to “change” or “correct” anybody. You will be able to live up your massage dream.


676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering from 9 AM to 12 PM

Price list 2018

Check the different massage menus, starting at 120 € for one full hour. Enjoy the most erotically intense massage!

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226


Say “yes” to pleasure

Erotic massage is by any means a part of so called “growth processes”. Paco, Tyson and Matt’s erotic gay massages will not make you emotionally dependent and will never force you to schedule any further session. You are free.

Say “no” to sects

Book a session without having to share the intensity of your massage with strangers, with no breathing or repeating of mantras. Paco, Tyson and Matt’sMatt tantric massages are an oasis in your life, massages intended for your pleasure. You are yourself and your freedom. Only being free you will enjoy pleasure and happiness.