How Gay erotic massage works


About gay Tantra massage

Gay Tantra massage is a very special and new experience for your whole self, involving body and mind.

Paco, Tyson, Angelo and Matt have learned from different masters and share many of their secrets.

Tantra isn’t just a bunch of techniques you can learn in a weekend workshop. Tantra massage is a world in which you will never stop learning —from other masters and even from what customers tell you about their personal experiences. The daily practice of Tantra massage is a huge source of experience and wisdom.

Tantra masseurs also need to have a natural talent to express and transmit sensuality and eroticism. That’s what we have!

What you will feel

During a massage with Paco, Tyson or Matt you will feel extremely relaxed and confident. Some customers say “I felt my mind was empty or disconnected”. This is a good start to let go. Relaxing will help your body to dive into this amazing ocean of sensuality and eroticism.

Sensuality is something sweet, stimulating and sexy. You may also feel being desired. More and more aroused, your regular practice of sex will show up and you will need to command the situation. But Paco, Tyson and Matt are in charge, and will keep you from climaxing too soon. You may experience inner climaxes without ejaculation, something you rarely feel. Maybe you know this kind of climax from your erotic dreams. Remember these dreams after you wake up in the morning?

There are some special techniques in Tantra and Thai massage to bring you to climax. But we will keep this secret for your pleasure in your massage session.

Natural talent

Paco, Tyson and Matt thinks that a Tantra masseur has to adapt to his customers’ preferences. No tantric masseur should force a man to remain confined in a studio or in a hotel room during 4 hours to complete the whole Tantra ritual.

These gay tantric masseurs are aware of their customer’s needs, and developed a special massage menu that can be an amazing experience in just 90 minutes or concentrated into one hour.

Paco’s stats

  1. 40 years old

  2. 6 feet 1 tall

  3. 92 kg

  4. Hairy body

  5. Goatee

  6. No tatoos

  7. Training muscle 3 x week

And more

  1. German looking, professional, discrete, disciplined

  2. Spanish passionate drive

  3. Brazilian sensuality and sweetness

  4. Oriental peaceful spirituality

To climax or not to climax

While other masseurs in Spain force you to climax, and other tantrikas don’t even want to hear about it, Paco, Tyson and Matt let you decide. You can keep or explode your energy as you prefer.

Is it sex?

Tantra massage does not involve any oral or anal sex. You will discover how powerful your orgasms can be avoiding what we call regular sex.

Happy ending?

After such an intense experience your body and mind need to “come back” to reality using a specific sweet and relaxing massage.

Price list 2018

Check the different massage menus, starting at 120 € for one full hour. Enjoy the most erotically intense massage!


24/7 from monday to sunday.


+34 676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering 9 AM to 12 PM

Hotel outcalls

24/7 from Monday to Sunday Please book before 11 PM

Studio Opening

Monday to Friday:

from 10 AM to 9 PM


from 11:30 AM to 7 PM


from 12 AM to 6 PM


Please call to ask for each masseur’s specific address.


Paco, Tyson and Matt are professional gay tantra erotic masseurs.

They have been trained to deliver a wonderful, sensual and erotic massage for your pleasure.


Hygiene and health are their highest priority. You will instantly see that their skin, face and whole body are healthy and well taken care of.

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226