Gay sensual massage in Barcelona


Your safety

Your gay tantric erotic masseurs Paco, Tyson and Matt guarantee hygienic procedures used at their studios and also for each and every of their hotel outcalls.

These procedures consist in using removable one-use paper sheets for the tatami, the pillow and your slippers. The towels are always fresh and crisp and the suite is cleaned up after every session.

Paco, Tyson and Matt shower after every session. Their skin and whole body are always clean. They use specific finger rubbers for your prostate stimulation (when applies). They use alcohol gel before and after every session.

Recommended by therapists

Paco, Tyson and Matt’s erotic gay Tantra massage is recommended by some Gestalt therapists in Barcelona for its psychological benefits. A sensual and erotic tantra session can be seen as a therapy: it is unblocking, helping you to express and free yourself.

Paco, Tyson and Matt’s erotic gay Tantra massage may also help on emotional aspects, empowering your identity without infringing any kind of pain, but right the opposite: by relaxing and bringing you joy and pleasure.

Paco’s stats

  1. 40 years old

  2. 6 feet 1 tall

  3. 92 kg

  4. Hairy body

  5. Goatee

  6. No tatoos

  7. Training muscle 3 x week

And more

  1. German looking, professional, discrete, disciplined

  2. Spanish passionate drive

  3. Brazilian sensuality and sweetness

  4. Oriental peaceful spirituality

Say “yes” to pleasure

Erotic massage is by any means a part of so called “growth processes”. Paco, Tyson and Matt’s erotic gay massages will not make you emotionally dependent and will never force you to schedule any further session.

Safe Tantra massage

No sharing the intensity of your massage with strangers. No breathing or repeating of mantras. Paco, Tyson and Matt’s tantric massages are meant to be an oasis in your life, for your pleasure. Don’t give up your freedom. Only being free you will enjoy pleasure and happiness.

Price list 2018

Check the different massage menus, starting at 120 € for one full hour. Enjoy the most erotically intense massage!


24/7 from monday to sunday.


+34 676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering 9 AM to 12 PM

Hotel outcalls

24/7 from Monday to Sunday Please book before 11 PM

Studio Opening

Monday to Friday:

from 10 AM to 9 PM


from 11:30 AM to 7 PM


from 12 AM to 6 PM


Please call to ask for each masseur’s specific address.


Paco, Tyson and Matt are professional gay tantra erotic masseurs.

They have been trained to deliver a wonderful, sensual and erotic massage for your pleasure.


Hygiene and health are their highest priority. You will instantly see that their skin, face and whole body are healthy and well taken care of.

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226